Floyd Enlow McCall

Floyd McCall, a Transylvania County native, campaigned for the presidency on a platform that consisted of eight points. His major points included a plan to rally support for the construction of a new football stadium, the creation of a program that increased summer employment opportunities for NC State students, and a plan to study the structure of Student Government to maximize its effectiveness. McCall faced conflict immediately following his election. The Election Committee disqualified several students, including McCall, for incorrectly reporting campaign expenditures. The Student Legislature upheld the Election Committee’s decision, however the Honor Code Board reinstated all elected officials stating the candidates did not intend to mislead Student Government. McCall graduated from NC State in 1963 with a Bachelor of Science degree in industrial engineering.


Years at State

Student Body President, 1962-1963


McCall aided in the establishment of the Summer Placement Service in spring 1963. Fulfilling one of McCall’s campaign goals, the Summer Placement Service aided in placing students in summer jobs corresponding to their field of study.

In 1963, students opposed the change in diploma font and size. The dimensions of diplomas were reduced from 14.5x20 to 8.5x11 (inches). Chancellor Caldwell denied requests to reinstate larger diplomas because the College was too occupied with the name change process. However, McCall sought to reach a compromise with the administration. Chancellor Caldwell agreed to set up a committee to discuss the possibility of changing diplomas in the future. McCall assured graduating seniors they would be able to purchase a new diploma for $5 if one was created.


Technician (26 April 1962, 30 April 1962, 2 May 1962, 16 May 1962, 17 May, 1962, 21 May 1962, 29 October 1962, 14 September 1962, 19 September 1962, 28 September 1962, 18 February 1963, 7 March 1963, 25 March 1963)