Eric Plow

Eric Plow, an Asheville, North Carolina native, could be considered NC State’s original “Pirate Captain;” he ran for student body president in spring 1970 with a platform focused on changing the university’s colors, lowering Harrelson Hall, and raising awareness of cows’ rights. Plow gained substantial student support, winning the original April election by more than four hundred votes. However, the Judicial Board ruled the election invalid due to poll attendant error, allowing candidates such as Rick Rice and Cathy Sterling, to increase their campaign efforts. Although Plow’s lighthearted campaign seemed to portray him as a non-serious candidate, the Technician was quick to point out that the experimental statistics major was a serious student, highlighting his nearly perfect GPA. Student Government’s second presidential election proved more difficult for Plow; Sterling, a write-in candidate, defeated Plow by forty votes, forcing the two candidates into a runoff election. A few weeks later, Sterling officially defeated Plow by 174 votes, becoming the first female student body president.



Eric Plow retired as a computer programmer at the UNC-Chapel Hill School of Dentistry. He currently owns and operates Chapel Hill Rentals, an apartment rental agency.


Technician (23 March 1970, 3 April 1970, 6 April 1970, 10 April 1970, 14, April 1970, 1 May 1970, 4 May 1970)