Eric Lamb

Eric Lamb became the Student Senate President with a three-pronged platform: to increase Senate publicity, to improve Senate productivity, and to foster communication between faculty, staff, and students.

Lamb’s tenure in office proved more tempestuous than anticipated. A dispute between Lamb and the Finance Committee over whether the committee was responsible for making funding recommendations led to criticism of Lamb in the Technician. Lamb repeatedly assured students that the dispute was exaggerated. Still, Lamb claimed that his term in the Senate helped to make that institution more receptive to the concerns of the student body, laying the groundwork for a more representative body.

Years at State

Student Senate President, 1992-1993


Eric Lamb’s major issue while in office was opposing the introduction of a plus/minus grading system. Lamb objected to the proposed changes due to the inability of enforcing it for all students and the potential problems a “minus” grade would pose for students hoping to graduate. Lamb led a march on Holladay Hall of 35 students to voice student opposition to the plan. However, Chancellor Larry Monteith ultimately adopted a modified version of the plus/minus grading system, raising the ire of Lamb and other vocal opponents.


Eric Lamb is the current Manager of the Office of Transportation Planning for the City of Raleigh.