David Brainerd Vansant

David B. Vansant served as the second student body president for the college, a position at that time called the Student Council president. When he was elected in April 1922, the Technician described him as "a man who will mete out punishment and justice without fear or favor." He gained his nickname of the "Human Insect" by daring to climb both the textile tower and a 100-foot flagpole. He was very active in the Leazar Literary Society and participated in heated debates in which he gained a reputation as an excellent orator. At the end of his term, the Technician lauded him as a man of "unchallengeable character and ability, and a love of his work, and an appreciation of its value."


Years at State

Student Body President, 1922-1923


Through venues such as the Friendship Council, Vansant encouraged students to support Student Government, stating that the organization could not survive without support from the student body. Vansant also continued to discourage students against cheating. He asked students to turn in anyone they saw committing an act of academic dishonesty.

Vansant attended the first conference of the Southern Federation of Students, helping to draft a constitution and by-laws. Vansant declared that having an organization dedicated to helping students across the entire South was a huge benefit to NC State students; he urged the student body to familiarize themselves with the organization and help as much as possible.


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