Daniel Murray Paul

Daniel Paul, a Pantego, North Carolina native, served as the tenth president of Student Council. While campaigning for the presidency, Paul promised to install phones in dormitories so students would no longer have to walk to the campus YMCA to call their families. True to his promise, in fall 1930, sixteen payphones were installed in the College dorms. In addition to making campus life easier for students, Daniel Paul also sought to make campus safer. After three accidents occurred on campus within one week, two fatal, Paul approached Dean Brooks about requesting “better traffic conditions” from the city. In response, Brooks contacted the mayor who revealed plans to install a stop light near campus. Well liked by his peers, students voted Paul “most dignified” in the 1931 senior superlatives election. Daniel Paul graduated from NC State in 1931 with a degree in agricultural economics.


Years at State

Student Body President, 1930-1931


President Daniel Paul called a special meeting to discuss the newly established Women’s Student Government. Student Council called for the State College Board of Trustees to “ignore the action of the women and subject them to the same rules that govern all State students individually.”

Paul fulfilled his campaign promise by installing payphones in campus dormitories. Paul declared, “No longer will a collegian have to run to a convenient drug store or the ‘Y’ to talk to his girl.” Although many students embraced the phones, other students vandalized the machines; the phone company threatened to remove the phones if students continued to abuse them. Paul advised students to “protect their own interests by caring for the phones.”

Paul opposed Governor Gardner’s plan to reduce the salary of state employees by 10 percent. Daniel believed the “salary reduction will cost taxpayers millions of dollars in the future to restore school to their present high standards.”


Technician (21 November 1930, 30 January 1931)