Cornelius Stickley Tucker

As NC State's seventh student body president, Cornelius Stickley Tucker sought to improve the life of students on campus. Tucker was the first president to major in industrial management. As president, he helped eliminate running the gauntlet as a form of punishment for freshmen and ran what students considered an effective Student Council. Tucker was interested in working with the Southern Federation of College Students, and lobbied to have the organization hold their 1929 meeting in Raleigh.


Years at State

Student Body President, 1927-1928


Tucker completed a survey in 1928 which investigated any correlation between lower grades and car ownership, however he determined that there was no link whatsoever. In the late 1920s, some colleges and universities forbade students from owning cars because administrators thought that owning a vehicle would “lower the scholarship” of students.

Tucker helped abolish the gauntlet as a system of punishment for freshmen in early 1928, convening a session of the Student Council to resolve the issue. “Running the gauntlet” was a system of punishment used against freshmen who committed infractions on campus and is mentioned as being used several times in official government administrative records.


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