Christopher Steven Jones

Chris Jones campaigned for the presidency with large campaign goals that included a project to study the feasibility of establishing a food court in the Student Center, a project he began while serving as Inter-Residence Council president. He succeeded in his goal, bringing two fast food franchises to NC State’s campus. Following his successful year, the student body elected Jones to a second term as president. During his second term, Jones accomplished a task which previous student body presidents were unable to complete by implemented a program which published teacher evaluations. The publication of these evaluations had been requested by students for many years.

During Jones' term, approximately 250 students opposed the strict management of the African American Cultural Center at a Student Government-sponsored open forum. Students wanted longer hours of operation and the ability to host more social events. Additionally, students burned the Technician in protest of the newspaper's alleged bias towards white students. Students created an African American-run student newspaper, the Nubian Message, which was unveiled on December 2, 1992.

Jones graduated from State in 1994 with a Bachelor of Science degree in economics.

Years at State

Student Body President, 1992-1993

Student Body President, 1993-1994


During his campaign, Jones called for the addition of fast food options in the University Student Center. In fall 1992, Taco Bell and Li'L Dino's Subs opened, fulfilling his campaign promise. Students welcomed the new food options.

When the excitement of the fast food additions wore off, students complained about the lack of vegetable options in the Student Center. Jones spearheaded a campaign to bring vegetables back to the Student Center. University Dining added options such as baked potatoes and green beans.

Jones worked closely with Dining in spring 1993 to lower the cost of meals in the dining hall. Students returned from Christmas to a $3/day increase in meals. According to Jones, "We got those prices lowered back where they were reasonable again."

Additionally, Jones contacted and enlisted students in the Solar Team. The Solar Team encouraged freshmen students' involvement in Student Government.

Approximately 100 students rallied in the Brickyard to demand funding for the women’s studies program. Student Body President Chris Jones called for administrators to live up to the University’s mission of supporting diverse academic programs.

Under Jones’s leadership, the Executive Branch of Student Government funded the publication of teacher evaluations. Students were given questionnaires over Thanksgiving break and were asked to return them before the end of the semester. Student Government offered prizes for students as an incentive to fill out the evaluations.

Jones lobbied for a course repeat policy that allowed students to repeat a course without allowing outside institutions to formally recognize the new GPA. Jones also lobbied for increased support for students outside of the classroom, such as establishing additional tutoring facilities.


Technician (24 April 1992, 25 October 1993)