Christopher M. Scott

Chris Scott earned election to the position of Student Senate President through advocating a much stronger community input in the affairs of the Student Senate. Scott also wanted to establish more links between the Senate and the student body at large.

Scott served for one academic year and maintained impartiality on most issues as befits the office he held. Throughout his term, Scott encouraged student and faculty participation in Senate projects. Although he initially ran for re-election, Scott removed himself from the running in order to refocus on his academic pursuits.

Years at State

Student Senate President, 1993-1994


The Student Senate worked to connect to a database accessible from other universities whose primary use is for lobbying efforts on behalf of the causes of university students. However, in broad terms, this move effectively connected the NC State Student Senate to the Internet for the first time under the direction of President Scott.

President Scott attempted to enact a survey of the best and worst classrooms on campus, but a lack of student participation made the survey ineffective.

The Faculty and Student Senate met jointly to discuss the policy of students having the ability to repeat a course without penalty. While the Faculty was strongly in favor of amending or canceling the policy, the Senate under Scott favored maintaining it. A compromise position under which only first-year students (freshmen or transfers) would receive eligibility for the program eventually took effect.


Technician (Spring 1993 – Summer 1994)

UA 021.502, Box 18, Folder 2: Organizations – Student Government – Administrative Papers, Student Body Documents 1993-1994.