Charles Romeo Lefort

Charles Romeo Lefort served as the eleventh president of State College’s Student Government. While serving as president, Lefort was instrumental in implementing a point system on campus. Lefort also encouraged freshmen to make friends with upperclassmen stating, "college life is more pleasant with the acquiring of friends. And education includes a thorough understanding of group contact and this can be accomplished to a large extent by making friends during the first year of college." In addition to Student Government, Lefort was active in many campus organizations including Scabbard and Blade and the Student Loan Fund Committee. While serving on the Student Loan Fund Committee, Lefort called for the committee to spend their money "entirely on the students who need it." During his senior year, Lefort won the Elder P. D. Gold Citizenship Medal. According to Technician, the medal was awarded to the senior who "has most distinguished himself in scholarship, student leadership, athletics, and public speaking."


Years at State

Student Body President, 1931-1932


Student Body President Charles LeFort stopped a student rush on a Raleigh theater following the NC State-Duke basketball game. LeFort stated, “Theatre managers have tickets only to sell, yet the student body thinks that they should give them away every time the Wolfpack wins a game.” LeFort proposed building a bonfire or holding a pep meeting the next game instead of “going down town and making a nuisance of ourselves in the sight of Raleigh merchants.”

LeFort served on the Point System Committee, which implemented a "point system" on campus. The point system assigned a point rating to campus organizations. Students were allowed a maximum of 13 club points. Student Council declared the purpose of the point system was to “assure the entire population of the college of the greatest number by apportioning duties where they can be fulfilled to the credit of the honored and the honorees.”


In 1932, following graduation from NC State, Lefort was appointed NC State College’s "Assistant Dean of Students," a position that, according to the Technician, was "created" for him. The September 28, 1939 articled continued, "Romeo intended to take graduate work and later seek a job in his chosen field. However, after taking up his duties here he found that the work was so pleasant and enjoyable because of its many contacts with the students that he decided to make the college his life work." Lefort served as the assistant dean of students until 1941, when he took a leave to absence in order to serve in the U.S. Army. In response to the news of Lefort’s absence, the Technician declared that the students' loss was the Army’s gain. Lefort returned to State College in 1946 and served one last year as assistant dean before he permanently left his position to sell insurance in Raleigh.

Charles Lefort was active in local community organizations, including the Kiwanis Club of Raleigh. Between 1949 and 1955, Lefort served as secretary of the Kiwanis Club and in 1956 Lefort was voted "Kiwanis of the Year."


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