Ada Curtis Spencer

Ada Spencer entered State College in 1926 as a freshman in the journalism program. Active in many campus organizations including Phi Kappa Phi and the Leazar Literary Society, Spencer was well known throughout campus. According to Technician, in 1929 Spencer was the "most popular co-ed" on campus. The Agromeck described Spencer stating, "Ada possesses a brightness of intellect combined with a feminine charm which has made her equally popular among the faculty and on the ball room floor." Ada Spencer was also involved in establishing the Women's Student Government on campus in 1929; Spencer was appointed "as the head of the committee on choosing the flower, the motto, and also the name for the baby organization." Although Spencer was involved in many student organizations, she maintained an honorable academic standing. In the summer of 1929, Spencer took courses at Columbia University; according to the Technician, Spencer received an 'A' on all her coursework. The Technician declared, "Such an achievement is regarded quite excellent, considering the standard of that university and that many teachers and professors of journalism strive for lesser grades." Ada Spencer graduated from NC State in 1930, making her the first woman to graduate from State who entered as a freshman. In recognition of her contributions to campus life, the 1930 Agromeck declared, "There are many of us who will miss her a great deal next year and none of us who will not be glad that she chose NC State for her alma mater."


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