Bishop, Charles E. (Charles Edwin), 1921-2012

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Charles E. Bishop received his B.S. degree from Berea College, M.S. from the University of Kentucky, and Ph.D. in Economics from the University of Chicago. He was a Farm Foundation Fellow at the University of Chicago. He received the William Neal Reynolds Distinguished Professor in Agricultural Economics, NCSU, 1956-1970. He was a Fellow at the American Agricultural Economics Association. Dr. Bishop was appointed Assistant Professor at North Carolina State from 1950-1952, Associate Professor from 1952-1956, Professor from 1957-1970, and Head of the Department of Agricultural Economics, NCSU from 1957-1965. He was Head of the Department of Economics, NCSU from 1965-1966. He was Director of the Agricultural Policy Institute, NCSU, 1960-1966, Executive Director of the President's National Advisory Commission on Rural Poverty, 1966-1967, and Vice President of University of North Carolina, 1966-1970. He was Chancellor at the University of Maryland, 1970-1974, President of the University of Arkansas, 1974-1980, and Chancellor of the University of Houston, 1980-1986.