Class pictures, first freshman class, 1889

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Class pictures, first freshman class, 1889
Row 1: Frank Meacham; Professor W. E. Weatherly; Charles Holladay; William Turner; George Wilfong; Sidney Bagwell; Charles Francks; Robert Wilson Allen; J. Williams; Edward Parker; Row 2.: Albert Colwell; William Lytch; Thomas Perkins; Baxter Ashcraft; Row 3: Nathaniel Waldo; Carl Sellars; Walter Dawson; George Taylor; Robert Eaves; Charles Seymore; Frank Floyd; Edward Gibbon; Joseph Knight; Row 4: James Whitfield; Arthur Smith; Henry Bonitz; Lewis Yarborough; Walter Temple; Samuel Asbury; Lewis Bond; Lorenzo Broughton; Henry Brown; Terry Woolwine; Row 5: Buxton Williams Thorne; Frank Sawyer; Charles Burgess Williams; Charles McIlwean; Albert Jones; Walter Mathews; James McKoy; George Gray
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College students -- North Carolina -- History
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