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Forestry thinning demonstration
Transcribed from accompanying letter: W. J. Barker, Extension Forestry Specialist, spent one day in the country and gave two forestry thinning demonstrations. In the morning a group of farmers assembled at T. A. Mansfield's and eagerly watched Mr. Barker as he began to mark trees that should be taken out. After Mr. Barker had marked about one-tenth of an acre, the trees were cut down and piled to determine the amount of wood. It was found that one cord had been taken from one-tenth of an acre. In the past Mr. Mansfield had been clearing land in order to get wood. He has about 100 acres that needs to be thinned. On the basis of ten cords per acre, 5 acres would furnish all the wood that he and his tenants would need for all purposes. Therefore, it would take him twenty years to thin his forest. By this time with good management he could begin thinning all over again. Another thinning demonstration was held that afternoon on Mr. J. O. Batchelor's farm. It was found there also that approximately 10 cords of wood per acre could be taken and still leave enough trees if good forestry management is practiced. Mr. M. L. Tatum, The Vocational and Agricultural teacher at Jonesboro, a group of his boys and many interested farmers were present. Forestry management has been presented to the farmers for several years. Yet only a few farmers in the county have found that they had time for thinning and looking after their forest land. Land that grew money crops was given first thought. Now that we have control on cotton and tobacco there is more land that should have been planted to forest. The question has arisen as to what can we do that our forest that will make it brig an income. The answer to that question is practicing good forestry management. The last two weeks numerous requests have come to the office for information and help and these two demonstrations have created interest. More requests are coming in for help. Perhaps another good farming practice has been added to many farm plans in Lee County. County Agent. J. S. Kiser, January 23rd. 1940
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Forest management
Forest thinning
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Sanford (N.C.)
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