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Men scaling tree to estimate crop
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Black-and-white print (photograph)
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Graeber, R. W., 1888-1967 more info on Graeber, R. W. (Robert Walter), 1888-1967 
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Transcribed from accompanying envelope: [#44] R. M. Rhyne, Mt. Holly, Rt.1, is justly proud of this body of second growth shortleaf pines. In Jan. 1926 a group of neighbors met with Mr. Rhyne, and with the help of L. B. Altman, County Agent, and Extension Forester R.W. Graeber, started a thinning demonstration in these pines. A crop of fuel wood 10 cords per acre was cut. In addition to this 4.7 cords per acre had been previously cut. The picture shows Mr. Rhyne and Altman as they completed the scaling of the standing timber (492 trees per acre), resulting in 39.86 cords per acre. These pines are 45 years old and show a total crop of 54.56 cords per acre. As much as 15 cords per acre had been allowed to go to waste before management was started. This land was a badly washed field before being reclaimed by pines.
Mount Holly (N.C.)
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