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Belk store managers
Transcribed from accompanying letter: Statesville, North Carolina, August 11, 1942; Mr. John Fox, Agricultural Editor's Office, State College Station, Raleigh, North Carolina. Dear Mr. Fox: Sorry that I forgot to hand you the list of names for the pictures of the Belk Store Mangers. They are as follows: Left to right: J. G. Armfield, Troy, N. C., K. W. Broom, Hickory, N. C., R. D. Currence, Charlotte, N.C., R. W. Wilkinson, Albemarle, N.C.; Back Row: John R. Schrum, Lincolnton, N. C., J. H. Matthews, Gastonia, N. C., J. H. Doughton, Statesville, N. C., G. B. McLelland, Monroe, N. C.; Yours very truly, A. R. Morrow, County Agent.
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Department stores -- Management
Forest management
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