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Members, North Carolina Council on Community and Area Development, Fall 1964

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Members, North Carolina Council on Community and Area Development, Fall 1964
Associations, institutions, etc.
People associated with agriculture
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Black-and-white print (photograph)
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Derived from information found with the original: figures left to right, bottom row: George Smith (Associate Director, NC Agricultural Extension Service), [unidentified], [C.L. Haney, Vocational Rehabilitation, struck through], Dr. J.L. Pierce (State Department of Public Instruction), Paul Guthrie, Jr. (NC Association of County Commissioners), Bill Austin (Assistant State Conservationist, Soil Conservation Service), A.C. Edwards (President, Neuse Development Association, Hookerton, NC), Harry McCutchen (Forest Ranger, Troy, NC), Atwell Alexander (representing Northwest NC Development Association); second row: Mrs. Elizabeth H. Hughey (State Librarian, Secretary of NC Council of Community & Area Development), Bill Little (NC Farm Bureau), W.J. Ridout, Jr. (Carolina Power & Light Company), C.L. Haney (Vocational Rehabilitation), Jack Jenkins (Department of Conservation and Development), Dr. Joe Pou (President, Coastal Plain Planning & Development Commission, Greenville), Kay Zeigler (representing Medical Society of NC), Tag Guiton (Department of Public Welfare, Troy, NC); third row: [unidentified], George Hyatt (director, NC Agricultural Extension Service), Randolph Norton (President, Piedmont Area Development Association, Charlotte), Alton P. Wall (President, Northern Piedmont Area Development Association, Asheboro, NC), [David R. Dear (President, Albemarle Area Development Association), struck through] [unidentified]; top row: Marion Holland (Operating Loan Office, State Farmers Home Administration Office, Raleigh), H.F. Snyder (Chairman of Industrial Planning Committee, Northwest NC Development Association, Winston Salem), [unidentified], David R. Dear (President, Albemarle Area Development Association, Elizabeth City, NC), John Crawford (in charge of Community & Area Development, NC Agricultral Extension Services), Eloise Cofer (Assistant director, NC Agricultural Extension Service), George Stephen, Jr. (Special Assistant to Governor), [unidentified], David S. Weaver (Special Assistant to Dean of Agriculture & Life Sciences), Paul Stone (Extension Economist, Area Development), A.G. Bullard (Department of Public Instruction, Vocational Agriculture), Melvin Hearn (State Director, Farmers Home Administration).
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