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North Carolina University Agricultural Mission To Peru
Community and Extension
Agriculture -- North Carolina
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Black and white print (photograph)
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Left to right, front row; William A. Compton, plant breeding advisor; Aurthur J. Coutu, agricultural economics advisor and chief of party (effective January 1, 1964); Herbert T. Scofield, academic affairs advisor; John C. Rice, chief of party (December 31, 1961- December 31, 1963); Joel J. Kemper, livestock advisor (Puno); John W. McDonald, technical information advisor; Ruby P. Uzzle, home economics advisor; Dr. Alexander Grobman, director, Division of Experimentation, Estacion Experimental Agricola de La Molina, SIPA; second row: Douglas S. Chamblee, forage crops advisor; T. Kelley White, agricultural economics advisor; William J. O'Brien, campus planning advisor/architect; Louis T. Twombly, livestock advisor (Puno); Ben Eaton, business administration advisor; back row: Fred F. McKenzie, livestock management advisor; A. D Stuart, seed production advisor, Harvey L. Burngardner, animal husbandry advisor (poultry); George L. Ellis, livestock management advisor; Samuel H. Dobson, agricultural extension advisor; Glenn C. McCann, rural sociologist. Absent when the picture was taken (December 10, 1963) were: J. Lawrence Apple, plant pathology advisor, on a field trip to Pucallpa; Joseph D. Coffey, agricultural economics advisor, on a field trip to Trujillo; Robert E. McCollum, soils advisor, on a field trip to Trujillo; Robert E. McCollum, soils advisor, on a field trip to Aequipa; Richard D. Conover, livestock advisor, on permanent station at Arequipa; J. Frank Doggett and Clyde E. Eastman, agronomy advisors, on permanent station at Puno; John R. Faison, livestock advisor, and Kenneth S. Harmon, agronomy advisor, on permanent station at Cuzco; Edgar E. Waugh and Robert W. Etheredge, campus planning advisors/architects, on consultation in Washington, D. C.
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