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Woodrow Dernell observing field of vetch

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Woodrow Dernell observing field of vetch
Crop science
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Black-and-white print (photograph)
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Phillips, Oscar H. more info on Phillips, Oscar H. 
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From enclosed note: Legend Picture No. 3; Well you say, why so many pictures of Woodrow Darnell, tenant farmer on J.R. Miller's farm near Pineville. Well, the Vetch was so blooming good and there was so many extra fine nodules on the roots that it made a fellow feel like a million dollars, even though he had just had sour kraut and side meat for dinner. Mr. Darnell started early in getting his cotton land in shape. This vetch was seeded between the rows of his cotton last fall. Some of it had attained the height of two feet on the first of April. He is shown here trying to show just how the vetch looked before he harrowed it down April 1, the day before this picture was made. Mr. Darnell and Mr. Miller both are cooperators on the Soil Conservation program and like it. In the car, just back of Mr. Darnell, is one of Mecklenburg County's prominent figures. He is somewhat up in years, but he is growing younger every day in interest and enthausiasm and his love for the soil. He has just been on a trip with his county agent, making plans to sow more lespdeza Mr. W.M. Garrison is the man in the car, and he is one of Mecklenburg's lespedeza experts. He thinks that lespedeza is one of the finest plants that he has ever introduced on his farm.
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