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Agronomist measuring alfalfa growth
Transcribed from accompanying material: Photo from Release about alfalfa, 1962; Transcribed from accompanying press release: Income Source--Lush growth (113 inches in a year) such as this being measured in Davie County is one reason why agronomists at State College believe that North Carolina agriculture will profit from rapid expansion of alfalfa acreage. The agronomists say nearly every section of the state has land suitable for the crop. It could provide the basis for a larger livestock industry, as well as help conserve and use idle land or land that is now returning small profits.; Transcribed from back: N. C. State, 4 [inches] wide
Community and Extension
Alfalfa -- Growth
Crop science
Field crops
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Black and white print (photograph)
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North Carolina State College more info on North Carolina State College 
Davie County (N.C.)
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University Archives Photographs