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Mrs. E.G. Jarvis and a young colt
Transcribed from information found with original: No. 527, Date Oct. 16, 1931. Made by J.W. Goodman. Subject - Young Colt. Location - Mars Hill, N.C. In the foreground is seen Mrs. E.G. Jarvis, Mars Hill, Route 2, and a fine young colt. The Jarvis family is seeing that the horse power on their farm is maintained. This young colt is not only developing into a fine horse but is a real pet of the family and adds much to the pleasure and enjoyment of the farm life. In 1925 there were 130,000 horses and horse colts in North Carolina, 279,000 mules and mule colts. In 1929 there were 98,000 horses and horse colts and 276,000 mules and mule colts; a reduction of 32,000 horses and horse colts and a reduction of 3,000 mules and mule colts, or a total reduction of 35,000. The tragic part is not the reduction in number alone but is due largely to the fact that a big part of the animals now on farms are old animals.
Community and Extension
Animal science
Farm life
Women farmers
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Black and white print (photograph)
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Goodman, John W. more info on Goodman, John W. 
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Mars Hill (N.C.)
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University Archives Photographs