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Reynolds Professors group photo
Agricultural education
Universities and colleges -- Faculty
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Black-and-white print (photograph)
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Transcribed from clipping taped to back: Fifteen Reynolds Professor were available on February 24, 1975 following a luncheon and the addition of two of the group. They are (left to right): Dr. C. Horace Hamilton, sociology and anthropology professor emeritus; Dr. Henry L. Lucas, Jr., statistics; Dean J. E. Legates, animal science and genetics; Dr. Charles H. Hill, poultry science; Dr. Stanley G. Stephens, genetics professor emeritus; Dr. Samuel B. Tove, biochemistry; Dr. C. Clark Cockerham, statistics and genetics; Dr. George H. Wise, animal science professor emeritus; Dr. Francis J. Hassler, biological and agricultural engineering; Dr. Gennard Matrone, biochemistry; Dr. Walter J. Peterson, chemistry professor and graduate school dean emeritus; Dr. Joseph A. Weybrew, crop science; Dr. William A. Jackson, soil science; Dr. Dan U. Gerstel, crop science and genetics; and Dr. Marvin L. Speck, food science and microbiology.
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Hamilton, C. Horace more info on Hamilton, C. Horace (Charles Horace), 1901-1977 
Lucas, Henry Laurence, Jr. more info on Lucas, Henry L. (Henry Laurence), Jr., 1916-1977 
Legates, James Edward more info on Legates, James Edward 
Hill, Charles H. more info on Hill, Charles H. 
Stephens, Stanley G. more info on Stephens, Stanley G. 
Tove, Samual B. more info on Tove, Samual B. 
Cockerham, C. Clark more info on Cockerham, C. Clark 
Wise, George Herman more info on Wise, George Herman, 1908- 
Hassler, Francis J. more info on Hassler, Francis J. 
Matrone, Gennard, 1914-1975 more info on Matrone, Gennard, 1914-1975 
Peterson, Walter John more info on Peterson, Walter John, 1909- 
Weybrew, J. A. more info on Weybrew, J. A. 
Jackson, W. A. more info on Jackson, W. A. 
Gerstel, Dan U. more info on Gerstel, Dan U. 
Speck, Marvin L. more info on Speck, Marvin L., 1913- 
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