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Reynolds Professors group photo
Agricultural education
Universities and colleges -- Faculty
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Transcribed from clipping taped to back: Fifteen Reynolds Professor were available on February 24, 1975 following a luncheon and the addition of two of the group. They are (left to right): Dr. C. Horace Hamilton, sociology and anthropology professor emeritus; Dr. Henry L. Lucas, Jr., statistics; Dean J. E. Legates, animal science and genetics; Dr. Charles H. Hill, poultry science; Dr. Stanley G. Stephens, genetics professor emeritus; Dr. Samuel B. Tove, biochemistry; Dr. C. Clark Cockerham, statistics and genetics; Dr. George H. Wise, animal science professor emeritus; Dr. Francis J. Hassler, biological and agricultural engineering; Dr. Gennard Matrone, biochemistry; Dr. Walter J. Peterson, chemistry professor and graduate school dean emeritus; Dr. Joseph A. Weybrew, crop science; Dr. William A. Jackson, soil science; Dr. Dan U. Gerstel, crop science and genetics; and Dr. Marvin L. Speck, food science and microbiology.
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