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School of Agriculture group photo
Agricultural education
Universities and colleges -- Faculty
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Black-and-white print (photograph)
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circa to
Transcribed from accompanying material: 1. Jackson A. Rigney; 2. Bertram W. Wells; 3. C. Horace Hamilton; 4. Donald B. Anderson; 5. Zeno P. Metcalf; 6. Richard J. Preston; 7. William E. Colwell; 8. Gertrude Cox; 9. William J. Peterson; 10. Roy S. Dearstyne; 11. Dean W. Colvard; 12. Garnet W. Forster; 13. Monroe E. Gardner; 14. G. Wallace Giles; 15. Ralph W. Cummings; 16. John W. Goodman; 17. David S. Weaver; 18. Ira O. Schaub; 19. James H. Hilton; 20. Carey H. Bostian; 21. John W. Harrelson; [circa] 1951-1952
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North Carolina State College. School of Agriculture more info on North Carolina State College. School of Agriculture 
Rigney, J. A., 1913-1998 more info on Rigney, J. A., 1913-1998 
Wells, B. W. (Bertram Whittier), 1884- more info on Wells, B. W. (Bertram Whittier), 1884- 
Hamilton, C. Horace more info on Hamilton, C. Horace (Charles Horace), 1901-1977 
Anderson, Donald Benton more info on Anderson, Donald Benton, 1899- 
Metcalf, Zeno Payne more info on Metcalf, Zeno Payne, 1885-1956 
Colwell, William Earle more info on Colwell, William Earle 
Preston, Richard J. more info on Preston, Richard J. 
Cox, Gertrude M. more info on Cox, Gertrude M. 
Peterson, Walter John more info on Peterson, Walter John, 1909- 
Dearstyne, R. S. more info on Dearstyne, R. S. (Roy Styring), 1891-1960 
Colvard, Dean W. more info on Colvard, Dean W., 1913-2007 
Forster, G. W. more info on Forster, G. W. (Garnet Wolsey), 1887-1961 
Gardner, M. E. more info on Gardner, M. E. (Monroe Evans), 1895-1975 
Giles, G. W. (George Wallace), 1910-2003 more info on Giles, G. W. (George Wallace), 1910-2003 
Cummings, Ralph Waldo more info on Cummings, Ralph Waldo 
Goodman, John W. more info on Goodman, John W. 
Weaver, David S. more info on Weaver, David S. (David Stathem), 1896-1966 
Schaub, I. O. more info on Schaub, I. O. (Ira Obed), 1880-1971 
Hilton, James H. more info on Hilton, James H. (James Harold), 1899-1982 
Bostian, Carey Hoyt, 1907-2000 more info on Bostian, Carey Hoyt, 1907-2000 
Harrelson, J. W. (John William), 1885-1955 more info on Harrelson, J. W. (John William), 1885-1955 
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