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Department of Entomology group photo

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Department of Entomology group photo
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Transcribed from accompanying material: Departmental Photograph, 1961; Fifth Row: Dr. [Charles Henry] Brett, Jack De Loach, Tim Cashatt, Mr. Stephen, Don Duckworth, Sam Turnipseed, Dr. [Robert L.] Raab, Dr. Peterson; Fourth Row: Dave Daugherty, Dr. [Ernest] Hodgson, Dr. Neunzig, Tom Olive, Everett Mitchell, Bruce Harrison; Third Row: Syed Mahmood, John Graham, Dr. [Maurice H.] Farrier, Dr. [Frank E.] Guthrie, Dr. [David A.] Young, Mr. Moore, Dr. Gast, Dr. Mistric; Second Row: Takeshi Miura, Dr. [Theodore B.] Mitchell, Judy Stewart, Pat Barrow, Patti Payne, Carolyn Thomas, Robbie Council, Virginia Wade; First Row: Betty Olive, Saundra Woods, Josephine Kenyon, Becky Bell, Dr. [Clyde F.] Smith, Betty Page, Carol Christenson
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