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C. L. Sams giving demonstration on bee colonies at J. R. Pinkham's apiary

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C. L. Sams giving demonstration on bee colonies at J. R. Pinkham's apiary
Agricultural education
Bee culture
Teaching demonstrations
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Black-and-white print (photograph)
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circa to
Transcribed from accompanying material: Beekeepers in North Carolina had the unusual pleasure of having Mr. H. H. Root of Medina, Ohio visit us May 14th to May 26th. During the visit he talked and lectured to many of beekeepers in seventeen counties. Two splendid meetings were held May 15, 9am at Carl E. Carney's at Pleasant Garden 110 present and at W. O. Curtis, [Route] 1, Graham, NC, 98 present. Interesting meetings held in Washington, Beaufort, Onslow, New Hanover, and many in the Piedmont and [Mountain] sections. (Original note with display materials from collection.); Transcribed from back: C. L. Sams giving a demonstration and talk on proper arrangement of supers on a colony of bees to encourage the gathering and storing instinct of the bees and retard the swarming instinct. The super shown on end is nearly filled with honey. The new super, with foundation, is placed next to the brood nest and the nearly completed super over the new super. This arrangement induces prompt work in the new super and relieves congestion in the brood nest by attracting the bees to the new super.
Root, H. H. (Huber H.) more info on Root, H. H. (Huber H.) 
Washington (N.C.)
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