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Cooperative College School Science Program group photo

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Cooperative College School Science Program group photo
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[From front to back, left to right:] 1. Mary Lyn Field; 2. Miriam Susan Beard; 3. Margaret Lucille Parrish; 4. James Keith Williams; 5. Richard Vernon Cooley; 6. William Rayford Oliver; 7. Sarah Lynn Coats; 8. Camille Marie Warren; 9. Mr. Melvin O'Neal Dennis; 10. Melanie Karin Johnson; 11. Rebecca Ann Hosley; 12. Gail Pavlovsky; 13. Archie Elmer Murray, Jr.; 14. Brian Clark Converse; 15. Charles Gary Pridgen; 16. Howard Allen Chamberlin, Jr.; 17. Mrs. Claudia B. Hollowell; 18. Mr. William Henry West; 19. Patricia Johnson; 20. Anne Sanderson; 21. George E. Parris; 22. Gloria Jackson; 23. Eleanor Virginia Oswald; 24. Marcia Smith; 25. Joe Seegers; 26. Lynn Pittman; 27. Phil Crabtree; 28. Miss Matilda Lee; 29. Mr. Donnie R. Parker; 30. Charles J. Parker; 31. Wilson Haywood Phillips, Jr.; 32. Cornel Davis; 33. John Bernard Godwin; 34. John William Smith; 35. Michael Thomas Patton; 36. Duke Llewellyn Stone; 37. Dr. A. T. Olive; 38. Mr. Hayden Bentley Renwick; 39. Mr. Rex Aron Pace; 40. Mrs. Coa Harris Hawkins
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