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Lacrosse team group photo
Transcribed from back: 1979 N. C. State Lacrosse Team; Sitting ([Left] to [Right]): Bob Flintoff, Ed Gambitsky, Marc Resnick; Kneeling: trainer Bob Wattendorf, James Castle, Claude Dawson, Ted Manos, Stan Cockerton, Walter Hein, Ben Lamon, Ben Onorato, John Swerdloff, Fred McFarlin. Second Row: manager Susan Schafer, John Jordan, Todd Kelly, Dan Wilson, Dave German, Tim Lyons, Scott Nelson, Mark Thames, Lance Johnson, Kevin Lusby. Back Row: Assistant Coach Tom Schardt, Rich Velgos, Stan Morris, John Borden, Martin Mace, Victor Rivera, Tom Wagner, O.D. Royals, Steve Furman, Assitant Coach B.J. O'Hara, Head Coach Larry Gross.
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Lacrosse players
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Black and white print (photograph)
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Group portraits
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Flintoff, Bob more info on Flintoff, Bob 
Gambitsky, Ed more info on Gambitsky, Ed 
Resnick, Marc more info on Resnick, Marc 
Wattendorf, Bob more info on Wattendorf, Bob 
Castle, James more info on Castle, James 
Dawson, Claude more info on Dawson, Claude 
Manos, Ted more info on Manos, Ted 
Cockerton, Stan more info on Cockerton, Stan 
Hein, Walter more info on Hein, Walter 
Lamon, Ben more info on Lamon, Ben 
Onorato, Ben more info on Onorato, Ben 
Swerdloff, John more info on Swerdloff, John 
McFarlin, Fred more info on McFarlin, Fred 
Schafer, Susan more info on Schafer, Susan 
Jordan, John more info on Jordan, John 
Kelly, Todd more info on Kelly, Todd 
Wilson, Dan more info on Wilson, Dan 
German, Dave more info on German, Dave 
Lyons, Tim more info on Lyons, Tim 
Nelson, Scott more info on Nelson, Scott 
Thames, Mark more info on Thames, Mark 
Johnson, Lance more info on Johnson, Lance 
Lusby, Kevin more info on Lusby, Kevin 
Schardt, Tom more info on Schardt, Tom 
Velgos, Rich more info on Velgos, Rich 
Morris, Stan more info on Morris, Stan 
Borden, John more info on Borden, John 
Mace, Martin more info on Mace, Martin 
Rivera, Victor more info on Rivera, Victor 
Wagner, Tom more info on Wagner, Tom 
Royals, O. D. more info on Royals, O. D. 
Furman, Steve more info on Furman, Steve 
O'Hara, B. J. more info on O'Hara, B. J. 
Gross, Larry more info on Gross, Larry 
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