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Men's swim team group photo
Swimming coaches
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Black-and-white print (photograph)
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Transcribed from back: 1977-78 N.C. State Men's Swimming Team; Front row ([left to right)], diving coach John Candler, Erich Bumgardner, Mike Tober, Rick Mylin, Frank Dufficy, David Keane, student manager Mark Bullock, student manager Becky Davis, assistant coach Bob Wiencken; Middle row, John Vallas, Bill Tucker, Tom Bryan, Steve Everett, Doug Shore, David Benjamin, Charlie Flynn, Steve McCafferty, Eddy Houchin, Paul Miller, student manager Ann Armstrong, head coach Don Easterling; Back row, Joe Rhyne, Bill Toler, John Grzeszczak, Dan Harrigan, Pat Hall, Jim Umdenstock, Bruce Stein, Al Stevens, Kevin Weldon, Duncan Goodhew.
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Bumgardner, Erich more info on Bumgardner, Erich 
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Dufficy, Frank more info on Dufficy, Frank 
Keane, David more info on Keane, David 
Wiencken, Bob more info on Wiencken, Bob 
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Everett, Steve more info on Everett, Steve 
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Flynn, Charlie more info on Flynn, Charlie 
McCafferty, Steve more info on McCafferty, Steve 
Houchin, Eddy more info on Houchin, Eddy 
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Easterling, Don more info on Easterling, Don 
Rhyne, Joe more info on Rhyne, Joe 
Toler, Bill more info on Toler, Bill 
Grzeszczak, John more info on Grzeszczak, John 
Harrigan, Dan more info on Harrigan, Dan 
Hall, Pat more info on Hall, Pat 
Umbdenstock, Jim more info on Umbdenstock, Jim 
Stein, Bruce more info on Stein, Bruce 
Stevens, Al more info on Stevens, Al 
Weldon, Kevin more info on Weldon, Kevin 
Goodhew, Duncan more info on Goodhew, Duncan 
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