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N. C. State Wolfpack Football Coaching Staff
Transcribed from front: 1983; N.C. State Wolfpack Football Coaching Staff; Wolfpack Coaching Staff (left to right): assistant Tyrone Willingham, assistant Dana Bible, assistant Tom Landsittel, assistant Rich Rachel, assistant Jim Bollman, head coach Tom Reed, assistant Tom Batta, assistant Johnny Rodgers, assistant Bobby Purcell, assistant Jack Glowik. (Photo by Jerry Rogers, NCSU Visual Communications.); The Wolfpack team also gets assistance from these six young men: (front row, left to right)) student assistant Eddie Plotts, graduate assistant Brad Senter, graduate assistatn Donnie Treadwell; (back row) graduate assistant David Shelton, graduate assistant Ricky Etheridge, volunteer coach Charlie Bradshaw. (Photo by Jerry Rogers, NCSU Visual Communications). Wolfpack News, [page] 25
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