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First year football players group photo

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First year football players group photo
Football players
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Black-and-white print (photograph)
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Rodgers, Jerry more info on Rodgers, Jerry 
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Transcribed from back: Above are first year Wolfpack football players including the 1984 Grant-In-Aid Signees as well as the first-year walkons. They are (left to right): Front Row: John Aldeta, Chris Allen, Scott Auer, Bobby Bowens, Harry Lee Burrus, Torrence Casey, Kevin Cribb, Marion Crite, Kenzo Crockett. Second Row: Wayne Downing, Tommy Eckard, William Hairston, Grady Harris, Greg Harris, Jeff Hojnacki, Chris Johnson, Chuck Massaro, Percy Moorman, Brock Miller. Third Row: Joe Tranchini, Danny Peeble, Eugene Peters, Sterling Quash, Steve Rankin, Steve Salley, Kent Winstead, Nasrallah Worthen, James Wentz. Fourth Row: Alex Fillis, Mitchell Faircloth, Don Webb, Ty Edmondson, Eugene Douglas, Jeff Davis, John Conner, William Wollett, Victor Broughton. Fifth Row: Don Ward, Mark Fuqua, Mike Glenn, Frank Granack, James Green, Chris Hart, Joe Hollowell, Herman Jacobs, Marc Kovacs, Elbert Alexander. Back Row: Brian Umstead, Darin McClure, Chris Nichols, Nicholas Patella, Derrick Waters, Kelvin Reid, Chris Snipes, Craig Thompson, Rodney Baker. (Photo by Jerry Rodgers, NCSU Visual Communications)
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Worthen, Naz more info on Worthen, Naz (Nasrallah) 
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