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Football team group photo
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Black and white print (photograph)
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Transcribed from front: 1977 N.C. State Football team; [First] row ([Left to Right])--Ed Callaway, Tom Prongay, Richard Carter, Jim Stowe, Johnny Evans, Ralph Stringer, Elijah Marshall, Timmy Johnson, Jay Sherrill, A.W. Jenkins. [Second] row--Bob Michael, Doug Cullen, Tom Lindner, Jeff Easter, Alan Baltrus, Dondi Shearer, David Moody, Tommy London, Danny Miller. [Third] row--Cecil Campbell, Tim Gillespie, Jon Hall, Dennis Brooks, George Poulos, Terry Crite, Mike Nall, Randy Hall, Reggie Jackson, Ted Brown. [Forth] row--Mike Owens, Tom Fabiny, Frank Hitt, Bill Cowher, Kyle Wescoe, Russ Matt, Buster Ray, Larry Eberheart, Rickey Adams. [Fifth] row--Mike Kraemer, John Stanton, Marion Gale, Jim Ritcher, Billy Ray Vickers, Ray Wooten, Larry Morrisey, John Foy, Tony Knox, Jack Kohl. [Sixth] row--Riobert Rhyne, Chuck Stone, Brad Holt, Greg Lail, Frank Prior, Mike Ruff, Rodger Parker, Woodrow Wilson, Joe Hannah. [Seventh] row--Chris Dieterich, Nick Metropoulos, Ricky Olive, Scott Smith, John Isley, Blake Lewis, Jamie Candella, Chris Burk, Brian O'Doherty, David Horning. [Eighth] row--Greg Hall, Bob Thompson, Ron Reddicks, Ray Harris, Simon Gupton, James Butler, Lee Jukes, Terry Moore, Eddie Jackson, Ernie Emory. Back row--trainer Rod Poindexter, assistant coach Jon Mirilovich, assistant coach Jim Cavanaugh, assistant coach Darrell Moore, assistant coach Bishop Harris, head coach Bo Rein, assistant coach Chuck Amato, assistant coach Bobby Mauro, assistant coach Bruce Johnson, assistant coach Bobby Morrison, assistant trainer Craig Sink.
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