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Junior varsity football team group photo

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Junior varsity football team group photo
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Transcribed from back: N. C. State [University] Jayvee Team (football)--1973; Front Row [Left to Right]--Larry Shavis, Ray Franklin, Greg Cerilli, Brad Bass, Bill Druschel, Tom Lindner, Ricky Knowles, Duncan Ray; Second Row [Left to Right]--Gerald Freda, Dondi Shearer, Bill Cherry, Bill Smodic, Len Temple, Jeff Easter, Ricky Morgan, Bob Michael, Gary Karr; Third Row [Left to Right]--Ralph Stringer, Tom London, Allen White, Tom McLoughlin, Dave Moody, Howard Johnson, Skip Wentz, Jack Hall; Fourth Row [Left to Right]--Horace Whitaker, Mark Ogburn, George Gimabr, Mike Miller, Tom Layton, Ron Banther, Craig Whitaker, Alan Baltrus; Fifth Row [Left to Right]--Student trainer Glenn Holbert, Guy Shelton, graduate assistant coaches Jim Cavanaugh, Ed Hoffman, Darrell Moody, Jim Rudgers, student trainer Ralph Miller
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