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Freshman football team group photo

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Freshman football team group photo
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Black-and-white print (photograph)
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Transcribed from accompanying materials: 1963 N. C. State Freshman Squad; [First] Row ([Left to Right]): Jim Donnan, Joe White, David O'Neal, Bob McMahon, Bill Carr, Roger Sweezy, Reed Matthews, Don Donaldson. [Second] Row--Tony Barchuck, William Morrow, Harold Deters, Charles Holt, Andy Morgan, Ronnie Harris, Thomas Reim, Ronnie England, Hal Morgans. [Third] Row--Mike Steele, Charles Allendorfer, Terry Bookshire, Everett Carter, Jim Graham, Percy Holland, Ronald Ray, David Lambeth, Mike Daniska. [Fourth] Row--John Diviney, Charles Moore, Lloyd Spangler, Junie Andrews, Harry Jenkins, Robert Roberts, Stan Strothers, Leland Hughes. [Fifth] Row--Nelson Simons, Mike Stewart, Carl Sassaman, Irvin Lucas, David Long, Jim Woodall, Pete Sokalsky, Marion Harris, Bill Gentry, Charles Martell. [Sixth] Row--Assistant coaches H. B. McCullough, Dick Hunter, Dick DeAngelis, Bill Kriger, and Head Coach Johnny Clements.
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