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Track and field team group photo

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Track and field team group photo
Track and field athletes
Track and field coaches
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Black-and-white print (photograph)
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Transcribed from back: Front Row ([Left to Right])--Head Coach Jim Wescott, Dan Owre, Mark Spencer, Glen McCann, Tony Bateman, Paul Buttermark, Tom Papst, John F. Phillips, Keith Helms, Don Aldridge; 2nd Row ([Left to Right])--Student Assistant Coach Jim Wilkins, Greg Marlow, Sterling Spencer, McRae Sharp, Myles Bagley, John Mattson, Kevin Brower, Peter Brunnick, Assistant Coach Dr. Ray Struble; 3rd Row ([Left to Right])--Bill Duren, Bernie Hill, Jerome Shepard, Jim Bennett, Mickey Pittman, Chuck Parker, Mitch Williams, Swade Carroll, Bryant Pergerson, Assistant Coach Russ Combs; 4th Row ([Left to Right])--George Jordan, Dave Beshears, Bob Tomlinson, Paul Smith, David Bracey, Rusty Buchanan, Joey Toth, Matt Hale, Assitant Coach Russ Combs; 5th Row ([Left to Right])--Barry Rouse, Scotty Medlin, Haywood Ray, Cecil Campbell, Bob Balanag, Jerry Bruton, Bill Terry; 1974
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