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Men's Track-and-Field
Track and field athletes
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Transcribed from back: North Carolina State University. Undefeated (5-0) 1967 Track Team. Front Row (left to right): Bill Creel, Dwight Greene, Craig Freas, Doug Curtis, Bob Svoboda, Co-Captain Ron England, Co-Captain Steve Middleton. 2nd Row: Larry Barnhill, Ron Sicoli, Mel Smith, Kitt Darby, Jeff Prather, Barry Clause, Buddy Starnes. 3rd Row: Dick Chapman, John Collier, Ed Plowman, Marshall Adams, Jerry Penland, Doug Hawkland, Ricky Reitzel. 4th Row: Peter MacManus, Larry Dichens, Jack Klebe, Tom Glover, Larry Garwood, Don Bean, Steve MacIntosh. Back Row: Assistant Coach Mike Shea, Head Coach Paul Derr. Not in Picture: Dick Schirippa, Dick Trichter, Leon Mason, Bob Schoderbek.
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