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Comic profile of basketball player David Thompson

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Comic profile of basketball player David Thompson
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Transcribed from front: N. C. State's David Thompson, who, as a sophomore, walked off with just about everything but the trophy salesman's sample case... [All I did was run, jump, pass and shoot!] ...and should have gotten that for most takeoffs and landings... [Roger, Coliseum north goal... This is number 44 at about nineteen feet... comin' in!] ...Turns out to be the old-fashioned corny type all-American who liked kids, tips his hat to old ladies, and even shows respect for sports writers! [Well--if kids don't like you you're in big trouble!] [My man is number one right down the line!] Bill Ballard; Transcribed from back: David Thompson was a member of the NCSU freshman basketball team in 1972 (the year before freshman were allowed to play varsity basketball). He was an outstanding member of the varsity basketball team during the seasons of 1972-73, 1973-74, and 1974-75. He was named to all the major All-America teams at the end of each of his varsity playing years.
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