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North Carolina State College baseball team, 1974

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North Carolina State College baseball team, 1974
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Black-and-white print (photograph)
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Transcribed from back: Front Row L to R: Don DeMay, Billy Port, Tom Hayes, Ron Evans, Kent Juday, Phil Blount, Monte Towe, Rick Reister, Chris Vlachos; 2nd Row L to R: Locke Conrad, Duncan Charlton, Brad Bigger, Curt Ramsey, Randall Watts, Dick Chappell, Pete Lupien, Jerry Mills, Dan Moore, Buddy Green, Trainer Chester Grant; 3rd Row L to R: Assistant Coach Jimmy Edwards, Bill Russell, John Holding, Richard Phillips, Mike Dempsey, Tim Stoddard, Lewis Hardy, Gerry Feldkamp, Ken Sawyer, Don Zagorski, Head Coach Sam Esposito.
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