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North Carolina State's 1937 baseball team

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North Carolina State's 1937 baseball team
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Black-and-white print (photograph)
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Transcribed from caption: [team members, left to right] Back row: [Edward K.] Lovelace, [Peter] Bruinooge [Jr.], [M.H.] Hoyle, [Mellor A.] Gill, [Paul A.] Hoover, Green, Thorne; Third row: Steel, Cutchins, [Walter] Rabb, [Offie W.] Mann, [Jerry W.] Davidson, [Charles H.] Beam, [Travis E.] Hendren, [Johnnie Fletcher] Miller; Second row: [James E.] Barb, [Captain] Norwood, [Neil M.] Dalrymple, [Charlie] Gadd, [Thomas I.] Hines, [Joseph A.] Sandfoss, [Billy] Griffin, [Coach, Charles G. “Chick”] Doak; Front row: [Connie Mac] Berry, [unidentified child], [Eddie] Berlinski, [Earle Colton] Hart [Jr.].
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