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QSL Card from K2DC, New York, N.Y., to W4ATC, NC State Student Amateur Radio
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Amateur radio stations
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Transcribed from front: Dear Dick:-- TNX very sincerely for your QSL which arrived today. -- I am vy sorry that I made the freq. error on the card; I had just shifted from 40 CW to the 80 m. freq. and I had forgot to put the freq. on in the book that I copy everything in. Just change the freq. on the card to read correctly, or if you want to I can send you a new one. --Incidentally, I was made an O.O.T.C. (40-year) member at last night's 7 PM Roundtable! Keep up the persistence, and perseverance, OB, and you'll go places later in life! You got "it," what it takes! Success to you, in everything you do! OK on ur freqs.-- wil listen for u. W
New York (N.Y.)
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