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QSL Card from F6DYF, Valréas, France, to W4ATC, NC State Student Amateur Radio
Student Life
Amateur radio stations
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Amateur radio station QSL cards; 4 x 6 inches
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Transcribed from back: Dear Richard. Thank you very much for this QSO whcich was very, very nice for me, thanks to all the information you had the kindness to give me. It was really a [illegible] that a [illegible] QRM from another station came at the end of the end of the QSO, otherwise I should have been very happy to [illegible]. So I really do hope I shall have the luck and the pleasure to contact you again, perhaps with the [illegible] array of two 14 AVQ. I am planning in order to less QRM (QST January 1976) [illegible] best 73 to you and all my respects to your family Good DX Geo
Amateur radio station QSL cards

Valréas (France)
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