Men's basketball team roster, 1983 season

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Men's basketball team roster, 1983 season
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North Carolina State University. Sports Publicity more info on North Carolina State University. Sports Publicity 
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Transcribed from front: 1983 N.C. State Wolfpack National Champions Atlantic Coast Conference Champion; Front Row (left to right): Alvin Battle, Thurl Bailey, Sidney Lowe, Dereck Whittenburg, Quinton Leonard, Harold Thompson. Second Row: George McClain, Walt Densmore, Dinky Proctor, Cozell McQueen, Lorenzo Charles, Mike Warren, Terry Gannon, Ernie Myers. Back Row: Manager Gary Bryand, head trainer Craig Sink, assistant coach Ed McLean, assistant coach Ray Martin, head coach Jim Valvano, assistant coach Tom Abatemarco, graduate assistant coach Max Perry, manager Steve Whitt, assistant trainer Jim Rehbock.
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North Carolina State Wolfpack (Basketball team) more info on North Carolina State Wolfpack (Basketball team) 
Valvano, Jim more info on Valvano, Jim 
Lowe, Sidney more info on Lowe, Sidney 
Battle, Alvin more info on Battle, Alvin 
Bailey, Thurl more info on Bailey, Thurl 
Whittenburg, Dereck more info on Whittenburg, Dereck 
Leonard, Quinton more info on Leonard, Quinton 
Thompson, Harold more info on Thompson, Harold 
McClain, George more info on McClain, George 
Densmore, Walt more info on Densmore, Walt 
Proctor, Walter more info on Proctor, Walter (Dinky) 
McQueen, Cozell more info on McQueen, Cozell 
Charles, Lorenzo more info on Charles, Lorenzo 
Warren, Mike more info on Warren, Mike 
Gannon, Terry more info on Gannon, Terry 
Myers, Ernie more info on Myers, Ernie 
Bryant, Gary more info on Bryant, Gary 
Sink, Craig more info on Sink, Craig 
McLean, Ed more info on McLean, Ed 
Martin, Ray more info on Martin, Ray 
Abatemarco, Tom more info on Abatemarco, Tom 
Perry, Max more info on Perry, Max 
Whitt, Steve more info on Whitt, Steve 
Rehbock, Jim more info on Rehbock, Jim 
1983 North Carolina State Wolfpack team more info on 1983 North Carolina State Wolfpack team 
Raleigh (N.C.)
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