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1999 Emerging Issues Forum Program

McKimmon Center, NCSU (Raleigh, N.C.)
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1999 Emerging Issues Forum Program
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This is the program for the annual NCSU Emerging Issues Forum which took place on March 30-31, 1994, in Raleigh, NC. The theme was "Global Economic Storms." Speakers and participants include Governor James B. Hunt, Jr., Betty Owen, Secretary of Treasury Robert E. Rubin, Robert A. Ingram, Molly Corbett Broad, James H. Goodnight, John D. Correnti, George W. Henderson III, Rick Carlisle, John D. Rockefeller IV, Andrew Freris, Ambassador Hugo Paemen, Ricardo Hausmann, David Wessell, Chancellor Marye Anne Fox, and David Price.
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Emerging Issues Forum (Raleigh, NC) more info on Emerging Issues Forum (Raleigh, NC) 
Hunt, James B. more info on Hunt, James B., 1937- 
Owen, Betty, 1935-2012 more info on Owen, Betty, 1935-2012 
Rubin, Robert Edward, 1938- more info on Rubin, Robert Edward, 1938- 
Ingram, Robert A. (Robert Alexander), 1942- more info on Ingram, Robert A. (Robert Alexander), 1942- 
Goodnight, J. H. (James Howard), 1943- more info on Goodnight, J. H. (James Howard), 1943- 
Carlisle, Rick, 1959- more info on Carlisle, Rick, 1959- 
Rockefeller, John D., IV (John Davison), 1937- more info on Rockefeller, John D., IV (John Davison), 1937- 
Freris, Andrew, 1945- more info on Freris, Andrew, 1945- 
Paemen, Hugo more info on Paemen, Hugo 
Hausmann, Ricardo more info on Hausmann, Ricardo 
Fox, Marye Anne, 1947- more info on Fox, Marye Anne, 1947- 
Price, David Eugene more info on Price, David Eugene 
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