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Douglas Fir Stumps and Poles, 1929

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Douglas Fir Stumps and Poles, 1929
Douglas fir
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Black-and-white print (photograph)
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This photograph shows some douglas fir stumps and poles in the Portland Civic Arboretum in Portland, Oregon. On the back of the photograph is a list of latin names of trees found in the Portland area. The trees are not necessarily in this photograph. A patch of woodlands (Douglas fir stumps and poles) within the city limits of Portland, Oregon, 1929. Within City Limits of Portland, Oregon. Portland Civic Arboretum 1929. [] old stand of Douglas fir, natural regeneration on cutover area [] Stumps also Douglas fir. compare [] aug.2.1936. In Portland [] is ocean: Pseudotsuga macrocarpa [Douglas fir] [] Thuja [Cedar] Taxus brevifolia [Pacific yew] Abies grandis [Giant fir] very rare also Pinus ponderosa [Ponderosa pine] [] Acer macrophyllum [Bigleaf maple] [] Populus [Poplar] [] Picture taken 1929 & there was no Pinus contorta [Lodgepole pine]!! } all in Portland"
Portland (Or.)
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