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Topping a High Lead Spar Tree

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Topping a High Lead Spar Tree
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Black-and-white print (photograph)
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A photograph of the top being cut off of a douglas fir tree. [Front] Topping a High Lead Spar Tree. An exceptionally fine view of this spectacular operation. From a 5-foot Douglas Fir tree the branches have been trimmed to where the diameter is 22 inches - 1t 185 feet - and the 60-foot falling top is shown just as it is about to leave the tree, while the High Rigger is shown braced on his steel cable for the 8-foot sway, with his ax hanging and climbing rope dangling. The top must be cut to avoid danger from breaking limbs. 22 inches is required, and Spar height determined by that, varying from 140 to 220 feet. Clear Lake Lumber Co. [Back] [german] Topping a spar tree [german]"
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