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In Camp Back of Cadillac, August 1912

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In Camp Back of Cadillac, August 1912
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This is the same photograph as School at Cadillac, Michigan. This photograph has a sheet attached which lists the names of the people in the photograph. [List] In Camp back of Cadillac, August 1912 #1 Frank Ginzmer 2 Harry Howes 3 Sterl Zimmerman 4 Herr Schmalz 5 Swede Johnson or Peterson? 6 Milton Lockwood 7 H.W. Chadbourn, Jr. 8 Donald White 9 (I Can't place him) 10 Ted Johnson 11 Fullenwider from Utah 12 John Woods 13 Jim Lewis 14 Chas. Mersante 15 Kirk Crockett 16 Dick Brown 17 Lott R. Breen 18 Brig. Young 19 Lansing Shumway 20 Chas. Shaw 21 Claasen 22 Frank Schwarzmeyer 23 Ralph Noyes 24 Myron O. Slecker 25 Wm. B. Bunting 26 Spike Lyman 27 David Bruce Otis 28 Dick Foote 29 Theron R. Littlefield 30 Richard Nye 31 Ray Littlefield 32 Frank Bull 33 Gerde from Buffalo 34 Edw. M. Eutsler"
Cadillac (Mich.)
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