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Front view, Bethania Moravian Church, Bethania, Forsyth County, North Carolina

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Front view, Bethania Moravian Church, Bethania, Forsyth County, North Carolina
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Architectural Note: The neighborhood of Bethania is a survival of European town planning, with houses hugging the road. House lots once bordered the north and south sides of a central square, while the church lay east of it. The square has since been lost. The church was gutted by fire 1942 and was rebuilt within its original walls. | Historical Note: Bethania was less restrictive than nearby Bethabara, and it accommodated both Moravians and non-Moravians who had come to Bethabara as refugees. The neighborhood still retains most of the character it had developed by the mid-nineteenth century. Bethania is listed as a National Historic Landmark District.
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Bethania (N.C.)
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Preservation North Carolina
Preservation North Carolina Historic Architecture Slide Collection, 1965-2005 (PNC slides) held by
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