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Textiles senior class and faculty in front of Tompkins Hall

Tompkins Hall, NCSU (Raleigh, N.C.)
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Textiles senior class and faculty in front of Tompkins Hall
College administrators
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Black-and-white print (photograph); 8 x 10 in.
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Senior class and faculty in front of Tompkins Hall. Dean Thomas Nelson in first row, fourth from left. Professor Hart in first row, third from left; Top Row: T. Gaines, South Carolina; E. D. Rufiz, North Carolina; K. C. Li, China; J. P. Mc Adams, North Carolina; S. Yonemasu, Japan; T. Jones, South Carolina; J. N. Ripple, North Carolina; Second Row: J. S. Neely, North Carolina; B. Lui, China; B. L. Cotton, North Carolina; E. W. Lewis, North Carolina; [T.] Chaug, China; [C.] M. Seuter, North Carolina; [P.] E. Smith, North Carolina; [illegiable] Mosheim, Texas; [illegiable] B. Bennett, North Carolina; T. C. Albright, North Carolina; H. W. Steele, North Carolina; G. H., Mahafee, North Carolina; L. H. Ruane, North Carolina; J. E. Weber, North Carolina; O. M. House, North Carolina; H. L. Lafette, North Carolina; R. H. Smithe, North Carolina; Bottom Row: J. T. Hilton, Professor, Yarn Manufacture; K. Maclsenyei, Professor, Dyeing; T. R. Hart, Professor, Weaving; T. Nelson, Director of Textile School; T. A. [Pruetes], Professor, [Designing]; W. E. Shierm, Professor, Knitting; W. M. Long, North Carolina; W. O. Hay, South Carolina
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Raleigh (N.C)
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General note:
Tompkins Hall is named for Daniel Augustus Tompkins, who pushed for the College of Textiles and designed the building that now holds his name. The original hall was built in 1901, but destroyed by fire in 1914. It was rebuilt the same year.
Raleigh (N.C)
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35.786701, -78.665199

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