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Atlantic Coast Conference Champions N. C. State, 1974
Transcribed from front: 1974 Atlantic Coast Conference Champions, North Carolina State University; Front Row: Dick Capps, Mike Holt, Chris Mapes, Chuck Calhoun, Geoff Mykleby, Mike deGruy, David Pope, Rick Moss. Second Row: Student manager Betsey Ulatowski, Allen Scott, Ted Morlok, Ralph Coble, Ralph Baric, Bill Campbell, Carl Colvard, Neal Vestal, Keith Kenner, diving coach John Candler. Third Row: Assistant coach Bob Boettner, Mark Elliott, Kris Kubik, Malcolm McSpadden, John McClure, Richard Carter, Tim Goodfellow, Rick Windes, Mike Waldorf, head coach Don Easterling. Back Row: Tony Corliss, Chuck Raburn Scott Hammond, Steve Gregg, Jim Schliestett, Ed Foulke, Rusty Lurwick, Rich Peot.
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Black and white print (photograph)
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Raleigh (N.C.)
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