1967 undefeated North Carolina State freshman football team

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1967 undefeated North Carolina State freshman football team
Transcribed from front: 1967 Undefeated North Carolina State Freshman Football Team; State 21, Duke 14, State 39, Wake Forest 8, State 7, North Carolina 0, State 35, Davidson 12, State 28, North Carolina 18; Front Row (Left-Right): Glenn Overman, Mike Oatarola, Mike Gukich, Pete Burgess, Paul Sharp, Lynn McElroy, Dennis Britt. [Second] Row: Mike Holveck, Neil Sequine, Gary Moser, John Bradsher, Mike Mallan, Larry Clark, Bill Baker, Bob Guillaume. [Third] Row: Dan Sarik, John Wilson, John Norris, John Elliott, Andy Barker, Tom Litchfield, Art Bethel, Don Bradley. [Fifth] Row: Mike Cloy, Richard Dellinger, John Ivancic, Harold Messenger, Don Kelly, Van Blake, Nick Wehrmann, Dave Adamczyk. [Sixth] Row: Pat Kubes, Richard Lanoy, Bruce Purvis, Phil Marquis, John Shepherd, Dave Phillips, Bill Vlachos, Danny Medlin, Jacques Descent. Back Row: Student Trainer Rodney Poindexter, Trainer Chester Grant, Coach Freddie Bivens, Coach Joe White, Head Coach Johnny Clements.
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