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1963-1964 N.C. State varsity basketball team

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1963-1964 N.C. State varsity basketball team
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Black-and-white print (photograph)
8 x 10 inches
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Front row [left to right]: Ron Erb, Gary Hale, Tommy Mattocks, Billy Moffitt, Tony Capalbo, Sam Gealy; Second row [left to right]: Wayne Dunn, Manager, Hal Blondeau, Ray Hodgdon, Les Robinson, Jim Sellers, Don Moore, Head Coach Everett Case; Third row [left to right]: Assistant Coach Press Maravich, Pete Auksel, Larry Worsley, Phil Taylor, Kurt Dunstan, Larry Lakins, Assistant Coach Lou Pucillo
Group portraits
Case, Everett N. (Everett Norris), 1900-1966 more info on Case, Everett N. (Everett Norris), 1900-1966 
Erb, Ron more info on Erb, Ron 
Hale, Gary more info on Hale, Gary 
Mattocks, Tommy more info on Mattocks, Tommy 
Moffitt, Billy more info on Moffitt, Billy 
Capalbo, Tony more info on Capalbo, Tony 
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Dunn, Wayne more info on Dunn, Wayne, athlete 
Blondeau, Hal more info on Blondeau, Hal 
Hodgdon, Ray more info on Hodgdon, Ray 
Robinson, Les more info on Robinson, Les 
Sellers, Jim more info on Sellers, Jim 
Moore, Don more info on Moore, Don 
Maravich, Press (Peter), 1915-1987 more info on Maravich, Press (Peter), 1915-1987 
Auksel, Pete more info on Auksel, Pete 
Worsley, Larry more info on Worsley, Larry 
Taylor, Phil more info on Taylor, Phil 
Dunstan, Kurt more info on Dunstan, Kurt 
Lakins, Larry more info on Lakins, Larry 
Pucillo, Lou more info on Pucillo, Lou 
North Carolina State University -- Basketball more info on North Carolina State University -- Basketball 
Raleigh (N.C.)
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