Cathy Sterling recalls taking a math course as an NC State student and the difficulties associated with taking a math class for engineers. Interview on November 2, 2010. (1:14)


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This sounds just terrible to say but I just didn't pay my professors that much attention. [Laughs] 00:00:00.000 - 00:00:05.396
I remember being in a math class 00:00:05.396 - 00:00:09.295
and the professor wasn't a really great professor, 00:00:09.295 - 00:00:14.697
he wasn't, and I didn't get math. 00:00:14.697 - 00:00:17.637
Math was really hard for me. 00:00:17.637 - 00:00:19.499
This was the math--. At that time none of the courses had been changed to account for liberal arts students. 00:00:19.499 - 00:00:25.439
They were what engineering got, what architects got, so they were tough, 00:00:25.439 - 00:00:31.010
and I just kind of visited, you know, looked in and smiled. I think I was the only girl in that section. 00:00:31.010 - 00:00:38.791
But when it came to the test I remember bursting into tears and the professor was just mortified. 00:00:38.791 - 00:00:46.666
He said, "Miss Sterling, why are you crying?" 00:00:46.666 - 00:00:49.255
and I said, "Because I can't bullshit my way through it." [Laughs] 00:00:49.255 - 00:00:53.726
Which I could in English or these other things. I could write wonderful things that said nothing; 00:00:53.726 - 00:00:59.455
couldn't do it in math. Took it in summer school and made an A because I had it every single day for three hours a day. 00:00:59.455 - 00:01:06.469

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